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Kntgroups.com is one of the Most Visited Platforms that Delivers, Online remote hacking services on a daily Basis to Home and Abroad Users.

Over the Years, KNTgroup has grown so Big to Cater for the evergrowing needs of Remote hacking for our clients, Created in 2013 and ever since, It has steadily grown into one of the Most used websites.

Our Mission is to become the Best Online Portal delivering Fresh online remote hacks, KNTgroups covers almost all Facet of social media ranging from INSTAGRAM, SNAPCHAT, FACEBOOK, WHATSAPP, PHONE and EMAILS.

What People Say

The response time is quite okay but you need to improve more on your instagram page

St waterman

Well at first i actually thought i was making the wrong choice but not until they were able to convince me this is worth it.

Ms Lulu jk

Although you guys do take longer time i still prefer your services all the way

Mr. Akram

You Might Definitely Need our Service

81 thoughts on “About KNT

  1. Hi
    I know my e-mail and i know the password
    Which i can log normally.
    However… When i do log in
    Microsoft does say my acc has been blocked due to suspicious activity and its better to block in order to protect my credentials.

    One way to unblock the acc is through
    Sms .. but i dont have access anymore to the mobile number signes into my old hotmail acc
    I know the number but dont have it anymore

    Also dont remember the recover email that was set

    The last thing left to do is to answer some lame questions which never result in success.

    So… you think its possible to unblock my acc?
    O have this email since 2005! And microsoft do this bullshit to me…

    1. Thanks for contacting us. Rest assured that the service as requested will be attended to as soon as you wish to continue well. please check our platform for more information on how to contact us

    1. Obrigado por nos contatar. Tenha certeza de que o atendimento solicitado será atendido assim que desejar continuar bem. por favor, verifique nossa plataforma para mais informações sobre como nos contatar

    1. Gracias por contactarnos. Tenga la seguridad de que el servicio solicitado será atendido tan pronto como desee continuar bien. Consulte nuestra plataforma para obtener más información sobre cómo contactarnos.

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